Delano flight or have to unlock legends task

Carnival announced Delano said the king as well mentioned in a patch about the front of the line, Delano struggles to fly. Today moderator Bashiok Blizzard developed a specific explanation due to this simple conclusion, the following points:

Previous bit of information over the upgrade process are unable to fly – Delano King will not change this setting. Blizzard Raytheon island and also satisfied with the performance of timeless island, one can use them only following your full level land mounts in areas where this setting will therefore WOD success.

Flight will suppress fighting – you possibly can wander inside and outside battle. Imagine a replica of or for the battlefield can fly it – certainly uncomfortable feeling.

Explore the world map has to be a feeling of flying destroyed. Because flying moves fast, the map can be really small, magnificent mountains, along with other amazing scenes from the flying mounts will be bland and explore the safe wow gold will disappear.