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After your involvement in Zamorak’s heist, Char would like to uncover the Stone of Jas. In order to help her do this, you need to visit most of its latest places.

Time for the website in the Ritual of Rejuvenation, and continue to recreate the formula helpful to teleport it. To do that, you need to talk with the men who helped us before, Sir Tiffy Cashien and Thaerisk Cemphier.Though Tiffy must not be an excessive amount of an issue. The World Wakes allows for Thaerisk to die, so his potentail fate will play part in deciding the method that you learn his perhaps the teleport spell.

After you have learned the formula, go to five possible locations Sliske can mention in Missing, Presumed Death. The one he does mention may be the most crucial, since this could vary from player to player, in fact it is possible for players to do MPD before RotM, allowing them to miss Sliske letting them know the location, visiting all five locations with the spell allows an over-all procedure for be used, in support of any small difference really should be put on your corresponding position…

Because quest aims to take RotM and OoAK together, there is another lingering plot thread to be addressed, for the Dragonkin. Using the notes and necklace we obtained on Kethsi, you’ll continue to set the stage for Robert the wowgold52 Strong’s return. With Robert serving being an integral figure in the history from the Rs 07 Gold┬áDragonkin, he can play a part in deciding how exactly i will handle the Dragonkin, as Zaros desires.

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Zaros and Zamorak’s stories as well as the 3 pillars from the Sixth Age have been active in the quest. A deeper connection relating to the Dragonkin and the Stone of Jas storylines feels inevitable