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First, the Obsidian Nightwing will be released by new RAF mount “Heart of the Nightwing”,so there is absolutely no exactly a product or service named “Obsidian Nightwing ” prior to using it. So buy cheap wow gold, it’s to buy Heart on the nightwing.

I think you will got this cleared. Understand what understand, you should check “Obsidian Nightwing” in wowhead. Suggestions a good example, we all believe the very nice and poplar 2 people vehicle mount “The Sandstone Drake”, it truly is release by “Vial of the sands”, which is the same task for nightwing. Buy this wow mount ,you can go straight to our Item page—->WOW-US—>Mount &Companions—->Mount, there are “Heart of the nigtwing right page 2.

Obsidian Nightwing (Heart with the nightwing )is usually a new RAF mount started from July 17th. Blizzard has now removed the X-53 rocket, so X-53 rocket has stopped being for getting. But you still can buy wow gold for sale Nether Rocket to instead.