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LFC fans are set for a very exciting Summer in relation to the LFC transfer gossip. Today however it seems like we may have some official news to bring you now with Loris Karius to LFC set to get confirmed.

This could be among Klopp’s first major signings of the Summer and we desired to see how this will translate towards world of FIFA regarding FIFA 16 coins and down the road this year when FIFA 17 can be obtained.

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It could actually become very interesting, especially for those that use Mignolet in their squad. Right now Mignolet has a 78 rating in the experience as a rare gold, but Karius has an improved rating after a Winter upgrade that has a 79 and as a standard gold card.

The thing we wanted to highlight though, is the fact which EA awarded him with a TOTS card in the Bundesliga TOTS recently ahead of the one and only Manuel Neuer.

This should be enough to inform all FIFA players available that this new signing will be the real deal and it looks like we can see a reality wherever Karius will have a better card than Mignolet, by the time the FIFA 17 coins player reviews are out.

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