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United finally have excellent squad depth and tactical flexibility for most positions and, at long last, a handful of genuine-issue stars. The only problem, perhaps, is that a not enough another top-quality right midfielder/winger instead condemns Mkhitaryan to tasks on that flank when he might (whisper it) actually certainly be a better fit for the actual slot just behind Ibra.

“If the initial impressions of the Fifa Coins For Sale hold true from the final game, though, this might be Barcelona’s year inside digital domain”

The curious thing about Barcelona is that, despite their abundance of talent, it’s often been a struggle to find the most out of them in FIFA considering that the early Pep years. Despite obvious individual potential, trying to coax those to play as a cohesive system in attack defence – not to say authentically recreate the best pound-for-pound passing side on the globe – has always also been a puzzle that several people have ever sorted, which is why you see so many online opponents choose more direct and palpable deserves of Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern and Dortmund. Barca can be fun, but tend to feel oddly lightweight from the major head-to-heads.


If the initial impressions on the FIFA 17 demo hold true from the final game, though, this might be Barcelona’s year in the digital domain. The quality of their particular front three is irrefutable: they’re the second, third and fourth most highly-rated players in the game. But if defensive midfielders are definitely more disciplined in their placement, as appears to function as case, we might finally see Sergio Busquets really make a difference when (and, more importantly, where) it issues. The addition of Umtiti on the back line will also strengthen the inside in all the appropriate ways: he’s almost certainly due a respectable bump from his fairly modest FIFA 16 score.