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Last week the Fight of King Mountain Dortmund Bundesliga draw Fifa 16 Coins Bayern Munich, Barcelona club official international transfer recommendations coming out of the stands Braida, which several German marketing reported. According to media studies, the purpose of this trip is always to observe the few generals Dortmund — Obame Young, Royce, Gundogan and Weigel. The four players are generally potential signings Barcelona target.

Dott shooter Obame Yang is currently among the hottest striker in European countries, many European giants would like to sign him, these include Barcelona in addition to Real Madrid. If you can successfully introduce Obame Yang, then MSN led Barcelona striker may well be more powerful. Not long ago, Obame Yang was likewise named African Footballer. But Obame Yang he has revealed that he would also prefer to join Real Madrid, because want their grandaddy happy.

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Germany striker Royce Barcelona features set his sights a gamer, Barca have tried to acquire Fifa Coins sign Royce, the player was gradually rejected. Royce but I disclose they like Barca, but Barca frontcourt on account of too much competition, so give up. Barcelona has now signed Alda Tulane after, in the frontcourt is all around saturation, Royce joined Barcelona? Less and less expect.

Barcelona last season, had infinitely close to signing Gundogan, but eventually the two sides never reach an agreement. Today Gundogan has made clear that he will definitely not renew with Dortmund, but now it appears Guardiola sign the Stansted City closer Dott midfielder.

Barcelona study is another player in Dortmund’s small midfielder Weigel, but also very considering Manchester City for your young players. Weigel Germany nearly two years out of Fifa 16 Coins sale online the star last summer, Dortmund ahead of Bayern in front of the star midfielder from 1860 here we are at the Westfalen Stadium within Munich.

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