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Even after nerfing him, with 464 million hit points and extra third phase, Hellfire Citadels final manager Archimonde on Mythic difficulty remains a difficult challenge for guilds. And sometimes it makes truly unlucky moments, like this attempt at a German guild.

They were really close to killing Archimonde but appeared dead against a boss with only 1 HP left. Ouch. With everyone in the raid doing a huge number of DPS, this is just definitely not right.

The video is in German, but you can hear the second when they think these people killed him, but actually didnt. And its a custom UI to Cheap Fut 16 Coins ensure the red HP bar youre looking for is in the center bottom part.

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The games mechanics prevent bosses dying during certain casts, and as you could see Archimonde starts casting Seething Corruption basically concurrently when the killing blow should happen. If theyd been a tiny bit faster they would have succeeded.

Its a happy concluding though. Instead of uninstalling the sport, cancelling their subscriptions, disbanding the guild along with deleting their characters, they killed the employer later that day fifa16salegame.

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