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At this magical holiday, when we give as well as receive with open paper hearts, the desire for most of us to come together and make the globe a better place is particularly strong.

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The Christmas truce the first World War was fought mainly from the trenches of Belgium as well as northern France. And it was among those trenches, near the Belgian community of Ypres, that German and English soldiers came together to play essentially the most celebrated of all football matches on a chilly Christmas Eve within 1914, only a few months following the conflict began.

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The catalyst for the action was the lighting of candles from the German trenches and the actual sound of carols drifting over ‘No man’s land’ on the watching British. Cautiously at first, soldiers from both sides ventured beyond their makeshift retreats. Meeting each other halfway throughout the battlefield, they began exchanging what few possessions they had and sharing their recollections of home.

The fraternising took a sporting turn in the event the opposing soldiers decided to play a football complement, with the Germans supposedly winning 2-1. Sadly, the unofficial ceasefire ended up being short-lived, and no sooner was Christmas over than the war resumed, the hostilities only arriving at an end nearly 4 years later. The powerful symbolism of that impromptu game has survived for far longer, however.

What do you consider? You can share your thinking with us. Of course, there is no fixed date. Twenty years later, football and war could cross paths again in distant South america, where Bolivia and Paraguay were locked within a bloody territorial dispute. As the conflict matured on, the Paraguayan Red Cross chose to raise funds meant for the wounded on equally sides.

Deciding that the enormously popular sport of football was the easiest way of arousing interest of their cause, the organisation decided in order to create a team that might tour Argentina and Uruguay as well as persuade the watching public to generate a donation. One of the members of the charity side was a Paraguayan by the name of Arsenio Erico, who quickly attracted the eye of Fifa 17 Points PS4 Argentina’s biggest clubs and continued to become the top scorer in Argentinian footballing with 295 goals, a record that stands to this day.

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