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According to official site, Blizzard announced the new expansion of World of Warcraft, which is Legion. Of course, most gamers keeping close attention on the release. If you need WoW items in game, you can choose the most reliable website, raiditem to buy WoW items with instant delivery and great customer services!

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Now, we have a look at the location and the story of World of Warcraft. It is said that the story in Legion is going to take place in a new land, the Cheap Wow Gold Broken Isles. Once it is the center of Night Eleven Civilization, now becomes a wild land without any visit . The location contains six places includes High mountains, Val’s sharah, stormheim, suramr, Azsuna, Dalaran , Broken Shors and Thal’s Dranath. Don’t miss the cheap WoW gold on sale here!

In the start of Legion, since players open the gateway for the largest invading, so players are going to follow the gamers’ Gul’dan. The most interesting part of the story is that mentioned is the relocation of Dalaran to the Broken Isles.
As for the Artfacts and Class orders. Since some players’ strong desire of trying to bring peace to the world so that the wflfifa12 most brave players will gain the most powerful weapons that are Artifacts. It is said that in artifact system, players are able to gain access to some iconic weapons and be able to new abilities and cosmetic appearances, which are big attractions for players.

This is just the brief introduction for Legion. If you want to know more detailed information, please head on over the official site! You can also keep close for further update. By the way, we highly recommend you buy WoW BOE item to help you complete more missions!

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