Blizzard Announces the “crab” invites players to lunch

WoW Gold For Sale operations team has just announced this year’s ChinaJoy booth Blizzard guest list, developers are: Ghost Crab (World of Warcraft Lead Systems Designer Greg Street, you recognize), Marco Koegler (Up-date Technical Director), David Kim (interstellar StarCraft II senior game Designer, balance to find him), professional players are: DongReaGu, Sen, Jim, MacSed, Xy, Top. Realistically speaking, this team a lot more than previous CJ, called Cock burst.

Especially want to say is the fact in 2010 concerned “ghost crab” movements with the players can have the ability to cooperate with an excellent responsibility, often times have to manage players saliva men eat together! Regarding whenever you say something, can do, own choice. Naturally, then Xiaobian believe “ghost crab” themselves would figure (However, Xiao Bian interviewed “ghost crab” I’d like to convey one risking, “ghost crab” students is absolutely quite Nuys.)

Officials have started up the microblogging I would like a ghost crab lunch together # activity, we should share this topic microblogging (Click to look at events microblogging), and will be selected to illustrate his “ghost crab” lunch together reason (tube fed!), then your official will find two best and the most constructive proposal two players to ChinaJoy, eventually at noon through the show with “ghost crab” bites at the table, in order to “expand cordial conversation on matters of common concern-depth exchange of opinion of Azeroth. “