Allegra and Thomas experience their greatest fears with RuneScape

In our conclusion to be able to PolyPals Jr., Allegra and also Thomas head to RuneScape, the particular massively popular 16-year-old web browser MMO.

Thomas reminisces in the younger days spent inside the land of Gielinor, dragging his scimitar at scorpions and being too afraid to wander into the player-versus-player zone, the Wilderness. Seeing that he slaughters innocent longhorns and fills Allegra with on the game’s plot, an associate appears to grace our mode with his presence.

After a take a look at from a mysterious old man, a few more adventurers join Allegra and also Thomas on a rip-roaring quest to build canoes, visit neighborhoods unknown and meet cute gnomes. One of our fresh pals gives Thomas an exceptional item and a million numismatic coins for some reason. It all culminates in a very frantic battle as Youngsters faces his greatest anxiety: the Wilderness itself.

Can certainly Thomas and Allegra pull through the trek while taking over a million coins’ value of goods on them? Check the videos above and join you in this riveting final amount of PolyPals Jr!

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