About NIS Alpha Update site, rsgoldrich.com !

The New Interface Alpha has been live for several weeks now, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the response we’ve seen. You’ve really put the system through its paces, and the customisation options and new features (particularly the resizable minimap) have been embraced by you as a community. This rsgoldrich.com is the base site for Rs Gold, and more people are tending to it.

Your feedback is – as always – the driving force of our development, so we’ve also been keeping a close eye on your requests and ideas in the forums. As part of this update we’ve added in several of your most-requested features, including:
Player-Controlled Interface Transparency . also we will give you more cheap Runescape Gold in the game itself. Ok?

You can now set the transparency level for the interface windows you have open, so you can see what’s going on in the game while retaining as much clarity as you need. More knowledges you know about, more game fun you will get, and you will get more cheap 07 rs gold series. We glad all of you will like this game online.