a little diligence goes far towards staying safe

Make sure you stick to your native tongue whenever you Buy FFXIV Gil. I really like Asia and all of its culture (particularly the culture that brought us this game), however the good folks in China aren’t as aware of how to handle things with Americans just as one American would be. It’s simply safer to stay inside your own borders so nothing looks fishy.

Next up, beware sites which don’t take paypal. Usually they’re scared because Paypal almost always sides using the buyer when something goes wrong. They don’t like this because it’s way too hard to consider your money and run, so that they invite things such as money orders instead.

Last but most important would be to do your individual research. Every site loves to set up customer comments on their own most visited page, nevertheless , you know they’re only picking the FFXIV Gil. Look at the site from blogs like mine as well as on review boards at other third party sites so you are aware the true scoop.