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FIFA’s new President unveiled a wide-ranging strategic strategy, including a major reform from the organization of the World Cup. Before the sports came near to the power behind the scandal led to FIFA’s reputation. Buy Fifa 17 Coins┬áPresident from cupertino chaired a meeting of the council meeting for once, puts forward the approach, since the 2022 Earth Cup in Qatar, the operation of the big event will be conducted by FIFA at your home in Zurich.

As a result, the control of the actual $5 billion “cash cow” event will transfer in the host country to FIFA 17, means that the host country for the future (including possible hosting the earth Cup in 2026, the United States) accounts for the work may be limited to the construction of structure and security services. All cupertino plans incorporate improvement of FIFA’s worldwide image, win support from your members.

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In February 2016, during the campaign, he has promised for you to allocate funds in fellow member countries. In the next ten years, FIFA will invest $4 billion to enhance the sport, will participate in this football world population elevated from 45% to 45%; By 2026, will more than double how many women participate in sports, to 60 million.

According to Buy Fifa 17 Coins his plan, the FIFA 17 World Cup can have a big transaction, similar with dockyard uefa winners league mode. From cupertino has said that he hopes the World Cup teams from 32 for you to expand to 48. FIFA, the council will vote on several teams in January whether to improve and how much far more.