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La liga o valencia clb fire coach paco – officially “stark, he also to become manager of la liga this year first class. Valencia after the club’s panel of directors hold a particular meeting made o “stark conclusion class. ” O valencia club decided to terminate the paco – stark as first-team trainer contract. This decision is in line with the current situation and the analysis of the game for Buy Fifa 17 Coins consequence of the match after this team.

Before the team determine and appointed the latest manager, by take a crew of el Salvador – gonzalez temporarily in change. “O” stark orchid in March in this year as a temporary manager to exchange Gary neville as valencia trainer, led the top the performer, rate team defeated sevilla and Barcelona, so positive become public manager. After the start of year la liga, valencia had hoped the team from the downturn in the last season back sits inside the position of the premier league and champions category, but instead, after the start of the new season valencia very poor record.

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Away after a 2-1 eliminate at athletic bilbao, valencia four-wheel home-country masses 28-15 bottom-placed, is the only 4 games team haven’t got an argument. “O valencia thanked the stark took manager location in trouble last season, and wish everything goes well with his future. O “stark from next manager position towards the class, in valencia coach sitting position only for just half a year, his team and their class together.