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This is what I Want to Say after I Played Runescape 3

I was very happy to get a chance to play through the Bringing Home the Bacon questline and scout out the open beta of the HTML5 version. After playing, I got about 0.5M Runescape Gold. I was initially eager to see just how much better the HTML5 version looked and played, but I didn’t want to dive in until any issues had been worked out.

For those who are not familiar with the differences between the Java and HTML5 version of RuneScape, let’s just skip most of the technical mumbo-jumbo. Basically, Java requires a special download and plug-in and has been plagued with performance and security issues for some time. HTML5 allows more flexibility and better performance and even opens up the possibility of a tablet version of RuneScape!

The HTML5 version will run about the same as the previous RS, but what you get out of it is much more realistic lighting effects and much, much greater viewing distances. I have embedded some screenshots and even a livestream in this article for comparison.

I do think the HTML5 experience is a bit jarring. Not only does it seem as if the default zoom level is a bit further out than I am used to, but the sharp details and massive view distance destroy the RuneScape I was used to.

I am aware that new graphics take time to get used to, especially when they come along in a beloved title, and the world of RuneScape is quite large, but that’s only because it involves a lot of underground areas and areas that can be reached only through teleportation.

Anyway, it is worthy to have a try by yourself. I have already sold out all of my Rs Gold and old school account, because I am going to transfer to play runescape 3 totally which is much funnier than old school, and you may have the same feeling with me after you play rs 3.

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