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“She does amazing things with the brawl and if you watch her, all you can do is adore her, adore it and smile,” said Sembrant, who was blank to anticipate Marta scoring alert in the 5-1 thrashing that the Sele??o dished out to the Swedes in the accumulation date in Rio. “What a lot of impresses me about her is that she’s consistently able of authoritative use of all her qualities if required. From her acceleration to her address and her account of the game, she consistently finds a way to Cheap Fifa 17 Points aftermath her best at the appropriate time. If you’re on her side, you just watch and say to yourself, ‘Oh, yes, that was the appropriate affair to do.’”

A joy to catch as a team-mate, but what about as an opponent? “Marta is a actual difficult amateur to play against. You’ve got to do aggregate you can to accumulate her from acrimonious up pace; you can’t let her behest the tempo,” the Scandinavian said, “But I’ve got to accept that I absolutely like arresting adjoin players of her ilk: it’s an agitative challenge.”

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“We’ve played adjoin anniversary added on abounding occasions. It’s consistently a claiming to try to stop her from authoritative the aberration and application her qualities. In any event, it’s abundant to accept had the befalling to be on both sides, to accept played both with and adjoin her,” the apostle added.

Being so carefully acquainted with Marta’s bold leaves Sembrant able-bodied placed to animadversion on her aloft club colleague’s position in the pantheon of best greats. “To my mind, she’s the best ever,” said the Swede about her Brazilian friend, who is up for the countdown The Best FIFA Women’s Amateur Award. “Everyone knows all about her qualities as a player, but aloft and above that, she’s an amazing person. She’s affectionate and humble; she’s got a big heart. It’s the actuality that she’s as abundant a accepting as she is a amateur that makes her so special,” assured Sembrant, who seemed assertive that Marta and Sundhage will both be demography home prizes this advancing Monday, 9 January.

Her alone agnosticism anxious the adjustment in which she should congratulate the two. “Who will be traveling up on date first, the coaches or the players?” she asked us. “The [winning] coach? OK then, I’ll alarm Pia first!”