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Napot, the chairman of the particular South American Football Association, has been arrested for your FIFA corruption case, and the Swiss authorities have arrested the FIFA Executive Committee member of FIFA 16 Points Account the South American Footballing Association, Juan Angel Napot, in Zurich. On Thursday morning, the Swiss authorities questioned the U. S. Department of justice in order to request a re criminal arrest of FIFA officials linked to corruption.

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FIFA said, ready to continue to participate in the investigation of the corruption case of the usa and the Swiss experts FIFA.

FIFA issued an official statement saying: “FIFA know the Ministry regarding justice on Thursday to do this, and will be as per the provisions of the Swiss law to support the U. S. investigation, with the work with the Swiss general prosecutor’s office. ”

On Thursday morning, Zurich on FIFA concerning official corruption, the implementation of Buy Fifa Coins a whole new round of arrests, they were U. S. authorities accused of bribery and huge amounts of money fifapointgreat


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