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“We had advised to go further,” Salenko explained in an annual with MMO4PAL.com, “especially aback it was accessible to authorize from third place, but luck wasn’t on our side. We had two actual able teams in the group, Brazil and Sweden, who would go on to win and appear third respectively.

“Cameroon had their problems afore the tournament, but any disagreements in the affected abolished afore the bout adjoin us, breadth alone a win would clothing them. It was about the Fifa Coins For Sale aforementioned aggregation that acquired such a awareness at the 1990 Apple Cup, alone four years older. Roger Milla was 42 already!

“I was rooming with Dmitri Radchenko and we both concluded up scoring adjoin Cameroon. The night afore the bold I dreamed I was traveling to annual a lot of goals; you sometimes get premonitions like this. However, I didn’t anticipate I was traveling to annual five! Psychology is actual important in football, alive how to adapt yourself to play. We had annihilation to lose and bare to win by the bigger allowance possible. That’s what we did.

“Undoubtedly, the aboriginal ambition was decidedly important. Afterwards that, you alpha to play for amusement and a lot goes your way. Afore the fifth, if I was address down on Songo’o’s goal, I already knew I’d bearcat it over him and score.

“I didn’t anticipate about the almanac during the match. They said something over the apostle system, but you’re focused on the bold and can’t apprehend in detail, additional it was aswell in English.


“After abounding time, it so happened that Radchenko and I had to go for a drugs test. The bout was played at one in the afternoon and it was 40C: we were awfully dehydrated and waited an hour and a bisected to accord a sample. Everyone was talking about the almanac in the media, but it didn’t clarify through to us. I alone absolutely realised that I captivated a Apple Cup almanac afterwards I’d accomplished my career.

“Five years ago, anyone fabricated me an action to advertise the Aureate Boot bays to the United Arab Emirates, breadth they were planning on hosting a big clash and aperture a building of antic achievements. The clash didn’t appear and the activity came to nothing, but I was animated about that. If asked, I put it on affectation in the restaurant at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Kyiv, so humans can come, attending at it, yield photos and accomplish interest. I’d like the bays to get some absorption during the 2018 Apple Cup in Russia, because it’s acceptance for the accomplished of the Russian civic team, not just me.”

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