10 PT hell growl biggest wooden style

This week to play for two 10 people, your second 10 people group based on the kind of the masses.Basic is going to be thrice into the WoW Gold For Sale. DPS is absolutely terrible.550 and 545 didn’t difference how many, and even the 3rd time the sword appear to play 1 wind, is usually a ghost, turn the hearth.Must fundamental alter from the tactics, the BOSS maximum stake, let mammy and tanks to make up with the DPS.3 the DPS no orange cloak.Nurse 1 535 milk ride (I, just finished collecting power mark) a 545 milk ranch.

Continuously optimize finally in the evening hell growl, must exclamation, the primary regiment 7 times fully adequate to the sport of shuttlecocks.All of which to optimize.Today I used to be optimized tactics, 2 times last week in to the sword from 44% to 44%, before in 25-28% today. Combat time 8 minutes and 41 seconds.903 m total damage.Really should be considerably less as opposed to quantity of damage some normal team playing.

Don’t play fighting points: P1: weapons.Turn left to stage play.Almost all of the DPS stake BOSS.Tank + AOE career playing the very first wave of violence.Killing wolves after riding a NUKE straight into the P2.P2: weapons play one.And DOT jumped to death.Prior to next sword aborted.Full use P1 to learn two weapons, P2 play a weapon.

P1: the processing on the first engineers for a nurse to experience.The DPS to BOSS.Three men ran outside weapon.Everybody else in place piles.Are able to into P2 before 2 Wolf turn out.Principle: hell roaring weapons are judge distances, 2 milk 1 can be moved not in the DPS let others to your stake.

P2: the focus with the battle, the full blood pressure P2: the principle points from the weapon and control processing.In this game, involved in seconds to get rid of the guts, melee don’t delay output, weapons pure with DOT grinding blood and only play one. Compared with a few arms full play. Management of batch heart movement method at 2 o ‘clock.At least might be down 15%. Team from E position to land. Quickly towards C point arranged the first time contrary to the weapons and tanks from E to F, teams from C to F.C contrary to the weapons from the warlock to DOT. Ahead of the next sword is 2 minutes and half a minute off. Tanks and crowd forever heart control, processing following the tank to the next point, wait for after put an argument on arms control process to assembly together heart.